Dep Robo


Department Of Robotics Engineering:-


      The department offers under diploma program in Electronics (Robotics) Engineering (DER) was commended in the year 2003 with an intake 30.The permanent affiliation has been received for diploma program (DRE) form DOTE 2003-2004 academic years onwards.

    So for students have been placed in various companies such as Eureka Farbes Ltd, TVS training and services, Brakes India Pvt Ltd, Aqua sub Engineering and Turbo Energy Pvt Ltd. The department offers placement at an average of 85% of students every academic year.

      To enhance the practical exposure to students, CNC certification course (in association with CIICP) is conducted regularly in the department for the welfare of the students.

     The department conduct EDC, CGP, workshop, guest lectures and seminars are organized on recent trends to enhance their technical knowledge.



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