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Diploma in Modern Office Practice

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About MOP:

      With increased industrialisation under the Five Year Plans the demand for the services of persons with specific skills in commercial subjects has increased. To meet the demand, the Government sought to increase the facilities for educating and training youngmen and women in commercial subjects ,The All India Council for Technical Education was set up by the Government of india for the promotion and co- ordination of Technical Education.This Council established the ALL Indian Boards of Technical Studies for various Technical subjects.

      Under the Chairmanship of Dr.V.K.R.V.Rao a Committee was appointed to study the position of Commerce Education in India in all its aspects and to suggest measures for its re-organisation and improvement. The Committee recommended the formulation of the Diploma Course in Commercial Practice to supplant the then existing Diploma and certificate courses in the State.

      Accordingly the Government of Tamilnadu appointed a Committee to prepare a syllabus on the basics of Rao Committee was Report and the syllabus prepared by it was adopted immediately in 1965.

      Subsequently a special committee was set up by All India Board of Technical studies in Commerce to draw up a Scheme for the Diploma in Commercial Practice. The syllabus prepared by it was approved by the Government of Tamilnadu and this Institute was established under G.O .Ms.NO.1727 Education,dated the 18th September 1965.It came into being in October 1965, From June 1968, The Two-Year Diploma in Commercial Practice was replaced by a Three-Year Diploma Course of which the first year Diploma Course of Which the first year formed the Pre-Technical(Commerce) Course. The syllabus of theThree-Year Diploma Course was modified in 1973, 1975, 1978, 1983 and 1999. Women candidates are also admitted to the DCP Course since 1981.

      In June 1973, Semester system was introduced in the second year and in 1974 , in the third year. From June 1978 Semester system was being followed from the first year. In 1982 -83 "Semester System" was abolished in first year only.In June 1987,the syllabus was again modified from 1999 to introduce Computer -Training'' in the Course.

      AICTE in the Letter NO.F NO. P-32/2002/7127 dt 2-7-2002 has approved for re-naming the course as Diploma in Modern Office Practice. Instead of Diploma in Commercial Practice with same syllabus.The present in-take is 30 students year(Direct second year).


  Gain the knowledge on different accounting standards which were given by the different bodies

  Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering, Etc.,

  Understand the role of the financial manager in growth of the firm by considering the agency relationship

  Students can understand the labour & overheads accounting procedure

  Acquired knowledge about fund flow and cash flow. Understanding the budgetary control and different types of budgets

  Know the application of managerial decision tools in different situations in the business like make or buy decision, key factor analysis,sales mix etc.

  Understand the dynamic of the global business environment from a competitive and economic perspective.

  Use creative, critical and reflective thinking to address organizational opportunities and challenge.



      Commitment to pursue excellence in commerce education, while equipping students with knowledge and skills in commerce stream, inculcate values, identify hidden talents, provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential and thus shape them into national assets, and to pursue a real complete development, integrity, moral and ethical respectability.

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